Next Level Foiling

October 4, 2023  -  Categories: WING

CORE expands its wingfoil program with a new high performance-foil featuring five completely redesigned components.

The Vert foil system takes your session to a new level. With a complete overhaul of five crucial components, you will find a meticulously engineered a setup that's perfectly coordinated to enhance your experience.

Symbolic on top of everything is the new carbon mast. The special design allows not only a thinner profile, but also a taper in depth. Less resistance – more speed!

Three new high-aspect front wings ensure maximum glide even in the smallest waves or absolute top speed during take-off. The new 220 stabilizer perfectly complements the front wings, resulting in an entire system with a playfully agile character, thanks to its flatter profile.

Mast – Carbon Masterpiece

The new carbon mast forms the heart of the Vert foil system. Since maximum rigidity, endless glide and lowest resistances are elemental, the mast has been perfectly balanced to these properties. The carbon construction not only made the reduction of the width of the profile possible, but it also achieved a shallower depth towards the fuselage. And that's not all – our innovative sandwich construction, reinforced with a PMMI foam stringer, takes rigidity to a whole new level, giving you unmatched performance and confidence on the water.

No compromises were made with the mast base either, it is connected directly to the mast and is created in one piece. This ensures immediate seamless transitions, direct power transmission and the lowest possible weight. 


Frontwings – Your Session, Your Choice

1050 – Endless Glide

The 1050 cm2 front wing impresses with its maximum gliding performance. Not only does it glide unpressurized over long distances, but it also provides a lot of lift very early on. In the wave, it promises a longboard feeling and turns every light wind session into a real relaxation flight.

850 - äußerst agil freestylen

The golden mean and thus the perfect balance of power and speed is offered by the medium size. The lower wingspan compared to the 1050 also ensures a significant increase in agility – both in the water and in the air! This makes the 850 not only the perfect all-rounder, but also ideal for freestyling.

700 – unglaublich schnell heizen

The top of the Vert foil lineup. For maximum speed and agility, there is no way around this wing. The small area of only 700 cm2 not only lets you keep up with the fastest waves, but also allows unimagined flights of fancy thanks to a rapid takeoff. 

220 Stabilizer – ermöglicht Spitzenleistungen

The stabilizer is crucial for the performance of the entire system. The profile, which has also been reduced, allows the three front wings to exploit their maximum speed potential and at the same time ensures playful agility.  

Construction – Built to Perform

All front wings and the stabilizer are made of a multi-layer carbon laminate, which not only impresses with its lightness, but is also extremely resistant. To ensure the necessary rigidity for the particularly low profiles in foils and masts, additional stringers were installed in the PMMI core. This absorbs the shear forces occurring during bending and thus allows a smaller amount of resin and carbon.

20 Jahre Entwicklungskompetenz im Wassersport

Seit über 20 Jahren steht CORE für höchsten Anspruch an Qualität und Performance an seine Wassersportprodukte. Mit Sitz auf Fehmarn, dem Wassersport Hotspot Europas, werden Produkte vor Ort entwickelt und getestet, bevor sie von dem internationalen Pro Team an den anspruchsvollsten Spots der Welt auf ihre finale Bewährungsprobe gestellt werden. Exklusive Materialen, jahrzehntelange Entwicklungskompetenz und aufwändige Produktionsprozesse sorgen für ein besonderes Fahrgefühl, das nur CORE Kunden erleben.