Twintip Fins

G10 Cutback Fins (48mm)



Our biggest fin, the Cutback, is designed for extreme grip in any conditions. Aim high, go big and let’r rip with this finely tuned G10 fin. G10 is a continuous filament, woven, fiberglass that we specifically use on all our fins for its super high strength and dimensional stability

Delivery includes

Fins (4 pcs.), screws and washers

G10 Pro Fins (42mm)



Our midsize G10 fin balances sure footed grip and playfulness. Not just for pros but for anyone ready to immerse themselves in all things freestyle. The Pro Fin. For easy stance switches, smooth recoveries and toothy grins.

Delivery includes

Fins (4 pcs.), screws and washers

EQ Fin Set (48MM)


(48MM) NEU!


Developed, tested and refined over three years. The completely redesigned CORE EQ fin not only looks exceptional, it performs exceptionally. With a wide fin base resembling a beluga forehead, it effectively prevents water from being sucked in.    

Unlike standard fins, the grip level of EQ fins remains consistent as speed increases, offering a distinct advantage. This feature noticeably facilitates easier release even at full speed, allowing for smoother switching. Additionally, the rounded transition between the fin and board minimizes drag, which occurs when two surfaces meet.    

The EQ fin is also designed to be lightweight, weighing approximately 30 percent less than the Equalizer fin, thanks to its hollow interior.  The rough surface is not just an unclean finish, but the technical icing on the cake: in turbulent currents, the precisely defined roughness  minimizes suction and increases maneuverability.



Delivery includes

Fins (4 pcs.), screws and washers

Twintip FinsPREIS
Equalizer 3 Fin Set 42mm89,90 EUR
EQ 1 Fin Set 48mm99,90 EUR
Equalizer 3 Fin Set 48mm89,90 EUR
*unverbindliche Preisempfehlung

Surfboard Fins

FCS II Carver GF Tri Set


Glass Flex 

Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response

The Carver allround fins feature a broad powerband and glass flex construction. The injection molded design delivers powerfully controlled sweeping turns with speed and momentum. The large size handles loads of back foot pressure and rewards power surfers with down-the-line magic.


FCS II Accelerator  PC Tri Set


Neo Glass Eco

Offers speed, flow and response with added control

Constructed with 50% glass and bio-resin, the Neo Glass Eco Accelerator has a low impact construction with high impact performance that’s recommended for lighter more agile surfers. This fin set is particularly suitable for medium to high skill levels and almost all conditions. Ideal for wave kiters who like to attack the wave, perform aggressive turns and surf overhead waves.


FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set


PC Carbon Wave 

Lighter construction. 
Smoother feel.

The Performer Carbon fins are the ultimate choice for your CORE board. Strategically placed carbon fiber filaments give the tips a superior flex pattern and memory. Experienced riders will feel the added control, response, and flow when loading the fins, especially on critical sections of the wave. And aggressive riders will prefer the powerful, explosive style of the slightly oversized allround shape.


FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set



Unprecedented level of control and predictability at high speeds.

The H4 looks and surfs different to any other fin. Precision Swiss engineering meets a highly evolved template. Radically different side and centre fin templates create a powerful fin set with ultimate speed and drive.


Surfboard FinsPRICE*
FCS II Carver L Glass Flex Wave Surfboard Thruster Fin Set49,90 EUR
FCS II Accelerator L Neo Glass Eco Wave Surfboard Fin set89,90 EUR
FCS II Performer L PC Carbon Wave Surfboard Fin Set129,90 EUR
FCS II Accelerator L H4 Wave Surfboard Fin set169,90 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.

CORE Single Boardbags | Surf Detail Shot
Pads & StrapsPRICE*
Surf Leash 6ft (ankle cuff)39,90 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.


The leash features CORE’s signature yellow, ensuring high visibility from all angles, especially underwater when sorting is necessary. The TPU is made of extremely high quality, which is why we were able to reduce the diameter and, in turn, minimize resistance.

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Pads & Straps

CARVED ULTRA Pads & Straps

Carved Ultra


The best when it comes to adjustability, comfort and board control. Infinitely adjustable binding thanks to the ratchet system. Ultra comfortable and shock-absorbing with optimum stability.


Easy to adjust power trim 

Micro-adjust your straps on the fly with our snowboard-inspired bindings. Click, click, and they’re snug! Our latest generation features simplified complexity and improved functionality. Less material, smoother rachets, thicker padding, and optimized strap curvature provide sneaker-like comfort and ease of use. 

Ultra Pads. Ultra Comfort.

The perfect balance between board feel and cushioning comfort. This pad feels a bit sportier without losing its shock-absorbing comfort. Easy to slide in. And a killer hold. Go Ultra.


CORE Union Pro Pads & Straps – Side

Union Pro


The new Union Pro will give you a whole new riding experience, board feeling and confidence in your bindings. With innovative changes in stability and adjustable firmness, rest assured that your foot stays exactly where it belongs – no unnecessary movement, just pure support.

The revised pad with raised rim provides optimal grip and stability on all sides, eliminating unwanted slipping and twisting, for good. Thanks to the firmer body, you’ll control the edge precisely with minimal impulses, giving your feet a noticeable break. We kept the inlay softer - for optimal shock absorption. Plus, the ergonomically shaped pad adapts to every foot shape comfortably as your newly favorite running shoe.     

New is the ExoFlap - a stiffener that is sewn directly into the strap. With a flick of the wrist, you can determine the firmness according to your taste and match the anatomy of the foot. The slightly stiffer strap directs the power ideally into the board.  Thanks to its lighter construction, the overall weight of the Union Pro has been reduced. 

UNION Comfort Pads & Straps

UNION Comfort


The Union Comfort is the attractive entry-level binding and much more: it offers you extremely comfortable padding and shock absorption at very good board control.


Basic yet essential for maximum stoke. The ergonomic, shock absorbing foot pad will give you the perfect set up to push your limits. The “Diamond Wedge EVA” memory foam, “toe grabber” footbed, and single Velcro strap will hold you firmly and comfortably in all conditions. 

CORE Surf Straps

Surf Straps

comfortable support

There if you need ‘em. The CORE Strap set features two super comfortable Velcro straps, four V2A stainless steel screws, and four V2A anti-twist plates with variable screw positions. Our fully adjustable straps feel great in bare feet or booties with just the right amount of support. Need a little confidence on those big waves? Try CORE straps next time.

Pads & StrapsPRICE*
Boardset Pads & Straps Ultra 2 S379 EUR
Boardset Pads & Straps Ultra 2 L379 EUR
Union Pro 5 Boardset Pads & Straps249 EUR
Union Comfort 2 Boardset Pads & Straps199 EUR
Surf Straps for Waveboards (set of 2)79,90 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.


Quick on-the-fly rocker adjustment. Need less rocker for getting upwind faster? Or more rocker for your newest tricks? No problem with REVO, a clever rocker adjuster integrated into our grab handle. A quick turn of the handle activates REVO. Rocker is reduced 15mm, flattening the twintip and reducing its flex. This leads to a significant increase in planing and upwind performance. 

Grabhandle REVO119 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.

REVO Grab Handle

CORE | CARVED | REVO Grab Handle

Traction Pads 2020/21 Surf

CORE Front Traction Pad

Front Traction Pad

Fantastic, comfortable waxless grip. Deeper, grooved profiles provide extreme grip. And precise edge bevels ensure your pad stays put. New, longitudinal channels provide your fingers with even more grip and board control for easy, one-handed strapless airs. We've eliminated last year's center pad and incorporated it into our minimalistic front pad design that extends from the tail pad forward. The self-stick front pad is compatible with all current and prior CORE surfboards. Enjoy waxless comfort when you #gokiting. (Includes recesses for the front strap inserts.)



CORE Rear Traction Pads

Rear Traction Pad

Fantastic grip. Ergonomic arch. And comfortable, soft grip. Our new pad features deeper grooved profiles and precise edge bevels to ensure your pad stays put. The less pronounced spine lets you move around while still giving you enough haptic feedback.  Vertical and longitudinal shaping provides a nice balance between control and comfort. The three-piece self-stick pad is included with every surfboard. Please note that we sell a narrow version for our Ripper / Green Room models and a wider version for our 720. (Includes recesses for the rear strap inserts.)

Traction Pads SurfPRice*
Traction Pad CENTER + FRONT all Waveboards from 202389,90 EUR
720 III and Badger Traction Pad REAR69,90 EUR
Ripper 5 and Green Room 3 Traction Pad REAR69,90 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.

Traction Pad Foil

CORE SLC Traction Pad Foil

SLC Traction Pad

Full length, waxless grip.  Deep, grooved, longitudinal channels provide extreme grip and hours of barefoot comfort.  Our minimalistic front pad design covers almost the entire board so you have a lot of real estate to play on. And it features a small foil kicker that provides excellent feedback to your back foot. The self-stick pad lines up nicely over your strap inserts so you don't have to drill any holes if you choose to go strapped. Please note, they come in three sizes to perfectly match your board.

S for the 115cm SLC 
M for the 125cm SLC 
L for the 135cm SLC

CORE SLC Foil Traction Pad Detail| Accessories
Foil Pad SLC S139 EUR
Foil Pad SLC M139 EUR
Foil Pad SLC L139 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.

* suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.