Original CORE Kite & Bar Accessories (Pump, Loops, Leashes, ...)


Are you familiar with our XL pump? Here you will find all the unique features of our highly efficient CORE pump as well as info on which loop you can equip your Sensor 3/3S Bar with to suit best in your discipline and spreaderbar of choice. 

  • CORE Pump 2.0 L/XL
  • Sensor 3 Loops
  • Sensor 3 Leashes
Original CORE Twintips & Surfboards Accessories (Fins, Pads, Straps, ...)


The right pads and straps on your board and the best fins underneath are often the decisive factor in whether your kitesurfing experience will be an average or particularly good one. You can get all the information you need to find the best setup right here.

  • Twintip Fins
  • Surfboard Fins
  • Pads & Straps
  • Handles
  • Traction Pads
Original CORE Harness LINK


Brand new in the CORE range: THE kitesurfing harness LINK. Discover how we have set a special focus in development, what stands out and which spreaderbars you can combine it with. 

  • Link Harness
Original CORE Bags and Covers

Bags & Covers

Longevity and optimal protection for your boards and foils are particularly important to us. That is why we have the right bag or cover solution for all models and sizes available, so that your equipment remains safe and intact on the way to the kite spot or on your kite holiday.

  • Kite Gear Bags
  • Single Board Bags
  • Board Socks
  • Foil Bags + Cover
  • Toolbox
  • Wetsuit Bag