CARVED Kiteboarding Knowhow meets Hightech -  Island Fehmarn Germany

Bespoke Custom
Board Company

Since 2001 CARVED CUSTOMS’ mastercraftsmen have been building twintips in a factory on the idyllic Baltic Island of Fehmarn.

It all started in a small four-room building with separate areas for shaping, laminating, sanding, and painting. A few things have changed, but the passion for building the ultimate bespoke twintips has not.

Twenty years later, CARVED twintips are manufactured at Elan’s ultra-modern ski production plant in Slovenia (a sister company of CARVED) as R&D continues in Fehmarn.    


The path to the ultimate kiteboard begins with an idea. Then, with the help of computers, we assess the idea against the latest technological trends, rider requests, and CARVED’s ongoing research to break new ground.

CARVED Kiteboarding Knowhow meets Hightech -  Island Fehmarn Germany


CARVED twintips begin production at 20,000 RPMs when complex, three-dimensional cores are milled from the finest, marine-grade wood in the world - paulownia. When laminated with Cartan 2, the meticulously milled core gives each CARVED board its signature flex, power, and pop.

CARVED Kiteboarding Knowhow meets Hightech -  Island Fehmarn Germany


The finished wood core receives a thorough quality control check before the pad, fin, and grab handle inserts are precisely installed. A final quality control check is performed before the carbon fiber layup to ensure no splinter, rough edge, or milling byproduct interferes with the next stage. 

Cartan 2 Carbon - CARVED Imperator 7 Kite Board Made in Germany


CARVED’s exclusive Cartan 2 laminates the heart of paulownia to create a unibody masterpiece. Cartan 2 combines untwisted, unidirectional carbon fiber strands with minimal epoxy binders into a thin, flat, 30° scrim matching the exact board size. The evenly distributed, very straight fibers result in a composite laminate with a lighter, more uniform microstructure than those produced using conventional woven-fabric pre-pregs. Improved filament-to-filament load transfer results in incredibly energetic and lighter twintips. 




Our vacuum infusion methodology reduces the resin requirement further, producing a lighter and more dynamic board structure. Although the company’s Unibody process is top secret, the result is not. It is responsible, in large part, for the board’s signature power, feel, and comfort even after many years of love.

Carved Imperator 7


An experienced touch is required to finish a perfect rail. The latest 3D tucked under design in the newest Imperator imparts impeccable manners and incomparable carving characteristics. Although a one-shape-fits-all approach benefits mass production, CARVED’s shapers take extra time and effort to refine every  Imperator LW and Tantrum’s rails individually. 

Carved Imperator 7


Longevity and high residual value are important to us. When a CARVED board passes our quality control tests, you are assured it meets bespoke standards. Only then does it deserve our hologram logo - a logo that stands for bespoke performance, quality, and value.








With the same care used in production, we take all measures to ensure a pristine product lands on your or your authorized retailer’s door in the same condition it left our factory. Of course, your forever board needs protection in transit to your favorite beach, so we also include a twintip sock to maintain its lasting beauty.