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Many of us are still looking for THE harness, and that is precisely why we developed the CORE LINK. Drawing upon 20 years of watersports experience and engineering expertise we set our focus on innovative simplicity and no frills. Resulting in a harness that provides an excellent fit, is extremely secure, comfortable, and quick to put on. Simply a good all-around harness.

Rider, meet the CORE LINK: Created to enhance your riding experience with a perfect blend of freedom and support. Unlike rigid hardshell harnesses, the LINK provides optimal balance with its flexible design, allowing easy movement while maintaining stability.

Comfort and function are taking the center stage here. Its soft inner padding ensures a high level of comfort, while the anti-slip profile prevents it from slipping up.

The LINK can be combined with two spreaderbars, the classic hook and the rope spreaderbar, which is particularly popular with wave kiters and foilers. The harness is hooked on both sides to the spreader bar via the stainless-steel buckle and tightened via webbing straps.

CORE Link Harness | Universal Harness

Overall, a highly universal harness suitable for all riders, all body types, and all disciplines.

Closure system

The LINK harness is closed via a sturdy stainless steel hook closure, which is hooked into the spreader bar on both sides. Each webbing strap is connected to each other as a loop and can therefore be tightened smoothly. The loose strap ends can be tucked under the elastic covers on the sides. An additional safety snap sits in the hook closure and prevents securely against unintentional unhooking. To open, simply loosen the straps, unlock the hook closure and release.  



The LINK can be combined with two different spreaderbars, which are available separately. They are easy to install and can be replaced very quickly if necessary.
Both versions are equipped with a wide thermoformed EVA foam pad that protects the chest against the pressure of the spreaderbar, especially when pulling vertically. Pre-curved plastic braces are inserted laterally into the harness and thus form a nice unit and prevent wrinkles when tightened.

rope spreaderbar - ideal for foiling or wave kiting
Extremely stable hook spreaderbar

The hook spreaderbar is an extremely stable, welded stainless steel construction with a classic fixed hook.

Die rope spreaderbar has the same sturdy stainless-steel frame, but instead of the hook, it features two flexible attachment points made of Dyneema. Ideal for foiling or wave kiting but also suitable for everything else.



CORE Link Harness | Sizes

Find your individual size combination in the CORE Store or test the LINK on our Demo Tour.

LINK Harness XS, S, M, L, XL299 EUR
LINK Spreaderbar Hook S, M, L99 EUR
LINK Spreaderbar Rope Slider S, M, L99 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.
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