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CORE Wing Gear Bag 200

WING Gear Bag

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Protect your valuable wing gear during travel with our hard-wearing, thickly padded gear bag. It's big enough for several wings, foils, boards, and everything you need for action-packed sessions. Large, smooth-running wheels easily roll a fully loaded bag to your destination. Durable 1000 denier nylon, extra strong zippers, and other neat features will make traveling easy peasy. 



  • Size: 200 x 80 x 32 cm
  • Max. board size: max. 200 x 80 cm / 6'7" x 30"
  • Gear: 3-4 wings, 1-2 boards, 1-2 foils
  • Volume: ca. 420l
  • Weight: ca. 6,90 kg / 15,2 lbs


  • Optimal protection: The 190 features thick 10mm PE foam for walls and lid. Extra-thick 20mm padding is also added in the bottom and in the critical nose section to protect your favorite wingboards. Removable, 5mm interior foam padding provides excellent between-the-boards protection.
  • Reinforcements: For critical areas, seams, and shoulder straps.
  • Smooth-running Rollers: With robust slide rails and a durable reinforced base.
  • Robust zipper: Extra large zipper opening with non-slip, colored zipper pulls for quick access.
  • Spacious pocket: Inside pocket is ideal for tools, fins, and small parts.
  • Strong compression straps: Inside and outside compression straps secure the load.
  • Stainless steel D-rings: Use 'em to strap your bag to the roof without squishing your gear.

Material & PRICE


  • High Density Nylon: Specially coated, high-density nylon resists rips, dirt, and is lighter than polyester.
  • Heavy Duty Nylon: Extra protection for the base and corners.
  • PE-Foil Fabric: Light, waterproof and easy-clean inner lining.
  • #10 YKK Coil Zipper: Extra strong YKK zipper that's durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Polyester Webbing: Smoother and more tear-resistant.
Gearbag 200x80379 EUR
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