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CORE Pace Pro 6 | Ultra High Performance Big Air | Kiteloop | Freestyle

CORE is expanding its range for the performance-oriented big air target group and anyone who wants to get there, with the all-new Pace Pro. Huge jumps, fast, multiple kiteloops and safe catching have never been more accessible.  

Just like the big air world record holder XR Pro, the Pace Pro was also developed as a competition instrument with top performance for the big air discipline. However, it differs with considerably faster kiteloops with the same big air potential thanks to its agile 3-strut frame in an even more stretched high aspect shape and, for the first time, with a completely fixed bridle .

CORE Pace Pro 6 | Ultra High Performance Big Air | Kiteloop | Freestyle

The name says it all

In big air, height naturally plays the central role - the measure of all things on the competition stage are currently double and triple loops and other complex maneuvers that require fast kites, without accelerating like the XR or GTS do.   The CORE developers around Frank Ilfrich have now provided the perfect answer with the Pace Pro: with its ultra-stiff Aluula 3-strut airframe, the Pace is not only particularly powerful like the world record holder XR Pro , but also extremely fast and agile.  


Fixed Bridle paves the way for stretched shape

Previously, the Pulley-Bridle had been the standard, but it imposed a technical limit on the aspect ratio. By switching to the fixed 14-point bridle, the development team broke new ground in design: "The fixed bridle allows us to realize a stretched 3-strut frame that combines first-class jumping performance with extremely fast, controlled loops," explains Frank Ilfrich.



Optimal material mix: Aluula and CoreTex 2

Constructed from Aluula, the stiffest airframe material available, the kite features extremely thin leading edge and strut diameters. This reduced diameter decreases air resistance, resulting in a faster kite. Combined with the low-stretch and at the same time very robust CoreTex 2, the exclusive CORE canopy optimally supports the properties targeted for the Pace Pro with constant power delivery, high flight stability and outstanding control.  


Teamwork for the ultimate result

In order to get the maximum potential out of the Pace Pro, Frank Ilfrich enlisted the support of Team Riders and Big Air Champions Giel Vlugt, Zara Hoogenrad, Angely Buillot and Rising Star Shahar Tsabary, with whom he tailored the Pace Pro into the unique Big Air competition instrument over many months: "The best kite I've ever flown," Giel Vlugt remembers his first session and continues: "And today the best one the market has seen so far".


Perfectly matched: Pace Pro and Sensor 4

Together with the Pace Pro, the Sensor 4 Bar will be released, which has been closely developed and tested together with the latest kites from CORE. The new Single-Fronteline-Safety (SFS) of the Sensor 4 made the fixed bridle possible. An optional deep V improves control on radical Super Loops with short lines from 12 meters. "With the Pace Pro and the Sensor 4, we are starting a new era of CORE kites - of course always in line with our heritage and DNA," says Managing Director Philip Schinnagel.


Pro – the ultimate    

Since 2013, CORE has been labeling products with the attribute "Pro", for whose exceptional performance only materials and components of the very highest available material quality are used. In addition to the XR Pro, Halo Pro, the Sensor Pro and Union Pro, the Pace Pro is the fifth product in this exceptional category.  





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20 Jahre Entwicklungskompetenz im Wassersport

Seit über 20 Jahren steht CORE für höchsten Anspruch an Qualität und Performance an seine Wassersportprodukte. Mit Sitz auf Fehmarn, dem Wassersport Hotspot Europas, werden Produkte vor Ort entwickelt und getestet, bevor sie von dem internationalen Pro Team an den anspruchsvollsten Spots der Welt auf ihre finale Bewährungsprobe gestellt werden. Exklusive Materialen, jahrzehntelange Entwicklungskompetenz und aufwändige Produktionsprozesse sorgen für ein besonderes Fahrgefühl, das nur CORE Kunden erleben.