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Storm chase crowned with record jumps

August 15, 2023  -  Categories: KITE

As if ordered, an unusually strong summer storm arrives just in time for the XR Pro launch on August 8th. An ideal opportunity to prove the performance of the XR Pro directly is found by the two team riders Maarten Haeger and Joshua Emanuel. They succeed in creating a sensation: at wind speed of up to 60 knots / 11 BFT / 111 km/h, they achieve the Big Air World Record twice.

While most people in northern Germany are staying indoors when the storm "Zacharias" is kicking in at the beginning of last week. The two big air fanatics Maarten (22) and Joshua (29) are looking for the ultimate challenge: a new world record with the new XR Pro.

111 km/h wind force and 4-meter-high wave in northwestern Denmark presents itself.

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On Saturday, 05.08., when it became apparent with what force the summer storm would hit the coast, a short phone call was enough for Maarten from the Netherlands and Joshua from South Africa to arrange to meet for the "Big Air World Record" project. For their big goal, they choose the northwestern tip of Denmark, Hanstholm. The special feature of this area is that not only does the storm hits the coast unchecked, but also meter-high waves roll in, which serve as an ideal jumping ramp.

Storm kiting: Adrenaline rush in the face of great risk

As can be quickly put together, the attraction of storm kiting lies in the fact that dizzying heights can be reached with the optimal mix of wind, waves, material and, above all, driving skills. However, not without risk: because only those who have mastered the right technique and have sufficient experience can get back down safely and in a controlled manner. Hobby kiters are expressly advised not to go out on the water in such conditions. 

World record broken with 35.7- and 36.2-meter jumps

After a short warm-up on Monday afternoon, the team partners are planning the big hit for Tuesday, 08.08.23. With a wind force of up to 60 knots / 111 km/h, the two and their supporters set up their kites on Hanstholm beach on Tuesday morning. When starting, they need to be held by their colleagues so as not to take off directly. Just keeping the kite under control on the beach demands a lot. After about 30 minutes of the first session, Maarten succeeds in what he competed for. At extremely high speed, he thunders towards a wave, steers his XR Pro hard towards 12 and is catapulted into the sky with his perfectly timed jump. Following a smooth landing, his smartwatch, linked to his onboard Woo device, displays a height of 35.7 meters – marking a new world record. Not long after, Joshua Emanuel replicates the feat using his extensive expertise and remarkable abilities, managing to exceed that height with a leap of 36.2 meters. Over the day, two more opponents push between Joshua and Maarten at the same venue, but the record jump of 36.2 is no longer surpassed



The record-breaking equipment: XR Pro and Imperator 7

For their storm session, the two guys chose the Ultra High Performance Kite XR Pro in size 7.0 and a CARVED Imperator 7 in sizes 137 cm and 141 cm. No one would have dreamed of such a successful market launch for the XR Pro, everyone agrees.      

20 Jahre Entwicklungskompetenz im Wassersport

Seit über 20 Jahren steht CORE für höchsten Anspruch an Qualität und Performance an seine Wassersportprodukte. Mit Sitz auf Fehmarn, dem Wassersport Hotspot Europas, werden Produkte vor Ort entwickelt und getestet, bevor sie von dem internationalen Pro Team an den anspruchsvollsten Spots der Welt auf ihre finale Bewährungsprobe gestellt werden. Exklusive Materialen, jahrzehntelange Entwicklungskompetenz und aufwändige Produktionsprozesse sorgen für ein besonderes Fahrgefühl, das nur CORE Kunden erleben.