Full Power Tarifa 2023

Exceptional big air show at “Full Power Tarifa,” sponsored by CORE

October 4, 2023  -  Categories: KITE
Full Power Tarifa


Big Air is part of CORE's DNA. One of the most important Big Air competitions is FULL POWER Tarifa in Spain, which has been a successful platform for CORE riders in the past. This year, CORE supported the FULL POWER Tarifa once again as the main sponsor, and the event took place on September 29th. This spectacular competition is an International Tour stop of the Big Air Kite League (BAKL) and additionally a Big Air Championship Qualifier Event of the Global Kitesports Association (GKA). 

The event, which was scheduled with a window from September 15 to October 30, 2023, requires a forecast of at least 3 days with over 30 knots to take place. On September 28, the time had come: the favorable Levante wind announced itself with over 30 knots, and the organizers gave the green light. In total, 38 participants, including 18 in the Pro-1 Division (the world's best), 8 in the Women's Division, and 12 in the Pro-2 Division, from 13 different countries, gathered in Tarifa eagerly chasing the promise of ideal Big Air conditions


FULL POWER Tarifa took place as usual at the Balneario spot, known for its challenging as well as unique Big Air conditions. Height, variety, and difficulty of the tricks were evaluated. Notable performances included an 18.3m high Frontroll contraloop board-off double late front roll by South Africa's Luca Ceruti, who secured 2nd place in the event, and a 20.7m high backroll kiteloop tic-tac late-back with 2 added rotations by Italian rider Jeremy Burlando, who claimed victory. The highest jump of the day, measuring 22 meters, was achieved by Luca Ceruti in the finals. The Kitemana Rider of the Day, as voted by online viewers, was Cohan van Dijk (NL).

CORE, as the main sponsor, not only provided support but also had two exceptional Big Air riders as part of the event: Nora Klement from Germany reached the semi-finals, while Zara Hoogenraad delivered an outstanding performance, securing the first-place finish. Congratulations to our remarkable riders, Nora Klement and Zara Hoogenraad! On-site, up to 750 spectators witnessed the breathtaking tricks and maneuvers of this unique event in Tarifa, Spain. The event was also accompanied by an online livestream that was followed by 14,000 viewers. CORE is proud to have been a part of the FULL POWER Tarifa event and to support and promote the sport of Big Air.


CORE Team Rider  Zara Hoogenraad

Zara Hoogenraad

CORE Team Rider  Nora Klement

Nora Klement

Photo Credit: Jota Hernández

20 Jahre Entwicklungskompetenz im Wassersport

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