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The  new CORE Choice 6 Twintip

The Choice 6 is CORE's high-performance twintip, designed for innovative moves and progressive style. In its sixth generation, it has been realigned and enhanced with new features that improve its jumping performance, resulting in it the ultimate board for big air and freestyle.


Massive edge grip thanks to new rail channels for explosive take-off

The Choice 6 has received two rail channels along its entire length. This generates an extreme edge grip which leads to increased line tension and thus more jump height. The surface of the rail channel is set at seven degrees, resulting in a visibly outwardly protruding angle of attack of the fins of also seven degrees. "At normal freeriding, everything remains as usual, but as soon as you edge hard, the fins unfold their effect with massive grip," says Philip Schinnagel, Managing Director of CORE, explaining this small but decisive detail of the Choice 6.

CORE CHOICE 6 | Freestyle & Big Air Twintip

More sustainable construction improves performance

The Choice 6 introduces Cartan 2, a carbon a material developed and tested over many years, proven in the Imperator 7 and Fusion 6. With its lower layer thickness, it lies flat on the core and uses significantly less resin due to optimized flow paths. This efficiency enhances stiffness and strength: less material, more performance! Because it is made to fit the outline of any board size, cutting waste has been reduced by 80%. In addition, GreenPoxy 33 is used for the laminating - an epoxy resin whose molecular structure is 35 percent plant-based. This percentage takes over the function of the original carbon content in the epoxy molecule. Several years of testing have proven its quality and performance, confirming our decision to go this more expensive but more environmentally friendly route.


Flow-optimized underbody offers the perfect mix of grip, control and agility.

The new tip shape in combination with the four, strongly accentuated channels in the underbody provide extremely reliable guidance and thus ensures an absolutely precise take-off. The special channel layout has a positive effect on the stall at high speed and significantly reduces the wetted area.
The middle of the underbody is crossed by a strikingly voluminous keel. It generates a kind of venturi effect on the tips, which increases the board’s speed and, especially when popping, does not let the tail stick to the water. This special keel design contributes significantly to the high level of board control and agility and also cushions landings comfortably. Due to the deep channels and the voluminous center keel of the double concave, a lot of chop is swallowed.


Individually tailored board sizes

Each board size has been tuned separately to get the maximum performance out of it. At 134 / 136 / 138 the focus was set on the optimal big air characteristics, at 140 / 142 also on freestyle. Specifically, the differences lie in the course of the outline or the ratio of board width to tip width. The proportionally wider tips in the small sizes favor fat jumps, while the two large Choice 6 feel nice and lively due to their proportionally smaller tips.



134x40.5 | 136x41 | 138x41.5 | 140x42 | 142x42,5



  • NEW! CARTAN® 2 CARBON: thinner, stronger carbon fiber fabric with 80% less cutting waste
  • NEW! RAIL CHANNELS & ANGLED FINS: massive edge grip for explosive take-off
  • NEW! GREENPOXY: 35% epoxy resin of vegetable origin
  • UNIBODY EDGE: the best connection between deck and hull
  • PAULOWNIA LIGHT: lightweight wood core with high strength
  • MULTI CHANNELS: grip and control in all situations
  • KATANA CHANNELS: stiffer tips for better reaction and restoring forces
  • BULBOUS KEEL: high speed, good release, buttery soft landings
  • BEVELED DECK: Minimization of reverse flex and better planing
  • VEE ROCKER: high speed without the risk of spying
  • TUCKED UNDER RAILS: more grip and efficient upwind riding
  • EQ FIN SET (42MM): optimal mix of grip and agility
  • BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: strong grip for straps or tight bindings



UNION COMFORT: optimal support and comfort

UNION PRO: completely new riding experience and confidence in your bindings

REVO GRABHANDLE: Adapt rocker and flex to the conditions and riding needs


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