Wave Performance. 

We all ride surfboards for different reasons. Whether it's storm chasing, getting tubed, or perfecting the 720, we've got the right board for you. Quality materials, innovative shapes, and a lot of passion goes into every surfboard we make.

Try 'em all and find the one that best suits your style. 


Four brand new boards: Seamlessly blending timeless classics with cutting-edge modern designs. Specifically developed according to their disciplines and requirements. Hand-shaped with the utmost care using meticulously tuned materials.  

Four? You read that right. Why? We’ve grown. With the compact Badger in fish outline, even small wind waves can be wonderfully smashed, and beautiful aerials or rotations can be fired out. 

CORE Ripper 5

Allround / Medium Wave

CORE Badger

Small Wave / Strapless Freestyle


Strapless Freestyle

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Strapless Freestyle

Small Wave

Allround / Medium Wave

Big Wave

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CORE Ripper Chart
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