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CORE 720 Waveboard

The Aerialist

Gravity-defying stick-to-your-feet rotations? Check. 

If the Ripper 4 is about expressing yourself on waves, the 720 is about expressing yourself above them. Our physics-defying strapless wonder features a new hull inspired by our bestselling twintips and a more durable and lighter build.

What's new?

Lots!  An all-new channeled, quad concave hull and stringer-less EPS composite construction gives the 2nd generation next-level handling and durability. The completely new construction starts with a high-density EPS foam blank that’s topped with 4mm PET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) honeycomb and sandwiched within E-Glass and Epoxy resin. Think explosive aerials. Chop busting comfort. Heel dent-resistant landings. And gravity-defying stick-to-your-feet rotations. That’s what you’ll get in the new 720.

Is this board for me?

Do you prefer strapless surfing? Do you get inspired by the idea of sticking a clean 720? Do you often ride your surfboard when others are riding their twintips? And does your spot deliver less than stellar wind or wave conditions more often than not? If you answered yes to these, the 720 is a fantastic choice. You may think this tiny board needs more wind for your kite spot but its wide, flat rocker and parallel rails get the Gen2 720 on a plane faster than our Ripper 4.

720. Your light wind and small wave pocket rocket. Get yours today.


Sizes: 4'11'' – 5'1'' – 5'3''

Key Feature Snapshot





Designed in Germany. And made in Spain.

Engineered in Fehmarn. And made in Spain by expert shapers and glassers. Producing them in small runs ensures dimensional perfection and the high-performance CORE riders expect.




Deep Vee Hull New!

Inspired by our bestselling twintips, we added a full-length bottom channel that contains a double concave and two outboard concaves. The quad concaves soften hard landings and cut through bad chop. Nose first landings and riding fakie are easier than ever. The channel’s grip is so good, you may choose to size down your fins over time. Try our most comfortable strapless yet and it’ll have you woohoo-ing like you’ve won the lottery.

Channeled Deep Vee Hull
720 Nose - Channeled Deep Vee Hull


We use water-resistant, high-density polystyrene foam with better flex characteristics than standard foam. It’s a little heavier, but given the conditions, the 720 will find itself in, HD foam is the only way to go.

EPS Composite Sandwich NEw!

CORE tough! The composite PET (polyethylene terephthalate) foam and E-glass sandwich is not only durable but it’s also made from recycled plastic bottles. Score one for the mother nature.

The Hexagon HD foam we use features channels that link the top and bottom glass layers forming a superstructure that’s strong, durable, and ideal for high load areas like under your feet.


EPS Composite Sandwich + Hexagon Foam


Level One Verified Ecoboard NEw!

Making high-performance products more sustainable is a good thing. Our feel-good board incorporates sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins to reduce its carbon footprint.


Ultracompact Shape - 720

Ultracompact Shape

Supercharge your surfstyle! The compact 720 features an even lower mass and swing weight that yield more stylish stick-to-your-feet aerials and rotations. The new 720 brings the goods in big waves, little waves, or no waves at all. Be amazed at how much fun this stick is on slicks.

CORE 720 Waveboard - Round Winger Tail

Round Winger Tail

We added wingers to the round tail for improved water release upon take-off.

CORE 720 Waveboard - Flat Rocker

Flat Rocker

The 720 features the flattest rocker of CORE’s directionals. You’d think a tiny board like the 5’3” 720 needs a lot of wind, but it planes faster than our Ripper 4. We slightly increased nose rocker for toeside riding, bad landings, and bigger waves. Be prepared, your light wind pocket rocket will surprise you.

CORE 720 Waveboard - Thruster Fin Setup


The 720 is fitted with the classic three fin thruster setup for a looser feel. Thrusters are well known to turn tighter than quads and release easier for cleaner moves off kickers.



CORE 720 Waveboard - Original FCS II Fin System


Original FCS II fin boxes are installed in the 720. FCS II is the keyless fin system that enables 2-second fin changes without tools. It’s wise to stick with the global standard in fin boxes for the day you lose a fin on your favorite reef. Its backward compatibility (in that it still retains grub screws to secure any old FCS fin you or your friends may have), will have you back on the water in no time.


Original FCS II Fins

Bring your own or choose from three recommended FCS II thruster fin sets: The standard FCS II Carver Glass Flex (GF), the more advanced Accelerator Neo Glass, or the pro FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set.

Carver GF

FCS II Carver GF Tri Set

Accelerator Neo Glass

FCS II Accelerator PC Tri Set

Performer PC Carbon
"Ultra High-End“

FCS II Performer PC Carbon Tri Set

CORE Traction Pads

Front Traction Pad

If wax is not your thing, we recommend going with a front pad.


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720 - 4'11''17 3/4" | 2" | 19,3 l50 - 75 kg
720 - 5'1''18 3/16" | 2" | 20,6L65 - 90 kg
720 - 5'3''18 3/8" | 2 1/8" | 22,1 l> 80 kg

The 720 comes standard with a Tail Traction Pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes. (Note: There are no strap inserts installed)

Now available at your local CORE retailer.



720 II 4'11''1199 EUR
720 II 5'1''1199 EUR
720 II 5'3''1199 EUR
Ripper 4, Green Room 2, 720 II Traction Pad CENTER + FRONT84 EUR
720 II Traction Pad REAR64,90 EUR
FCS II Carver L Glass Flex Wave Surfboard Thruster Fin Set49,90 EUR
FCS II Accelerator L Performance Core Wave Surfboard Fin Set104,90 EUR
FCS II Performer L PC Carbon Wave Surfboard Fin Set129 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary
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