"I have never been so stoked in my life.
That was the wave that I've always wanted to get."

- Joshua Emanuel 


Abandoned, spectacular, and fearsome all at once - An epic swell and wind forecast is about to hit Skeleton Bay. One of the most remote surf spots in the world, a place where nature's wonders await. One who waited for the perfect conditions for so long dared to score them is Joshua Emanuel. Dropping everything to book a flight to Namibia, ready to ride the waves of his life.


Untouched nature, colossal dunes, rusty shipwrecks, and colonies of seals as far as your eye can see. Besides its beauty, this remote African coastline reveals its eerie side with the skveletal remains of massive whales that have washed ashore over the years. Above all, Skeleton Bay (also known as Donkey Bay) is home to one of the world's best, longest, and most incredible left-hand waves.

Fueled by his passion, driven by the excitement, Joshua Emanuel embarks on the journey to the abandoned Skeleton Coast. Upon arrival, an endless and powerful lefthander greets him, leaving him speechless but full of determination. In a blend of awe, joy, and endless stoke, Josh hits the cold water and rides the waves of his life through the incredibly long sand-bottomed barrels.

Join him on his mission into the remote wilderness of West Africa. Watch the film, see our brand-new CORE Ripper 5 in action, and sense Josh’s 'taste of goodness'.

Surfboard Range

Four brand new boards: Seamlessly blending timeless classics with cutting-edge modern designs. Specifically developed according to their disciplines and requirements. Hand-shaped with the utmost care using meticulously tuned materials. Four? You read that right. Why? We’ve grown. With the compact Badger in fish outline, even small wind waves can be wonderfully smashed, and beautiful aerials or rotations can be fired out.