Two wings for all needs: The Halo Pro is an uncompromising high-performance wing, crafted from high-end materials for maximum performance. The XC is an extremely versatile all-rounder. Constructed in extremely high-quality fashion, it will elevate your wingfoiling exeprience.


The Roamer Wingboard line has been designed for all variations of modern wingfoiling. The carefully tuned shape ensures extremely easy handling with a sporty touch and impressively minimizes the complexity of winging. The Roamer S expands the range with more progressive shapes for advanced riders.


Two foils that cater to all skills and styles. The Spectrum provides the perfect balance and easy control - no matter if in waves, flat water, or choppy conditions. The Vert takes your session to the next level: The innovative carbon mast and high-aspect front wings meet all demands, from maximum glide even in small waves to absolute top speeds.