The Universal+ Series features three highly versatile all-round kites. The Specialized Series is where you'll find three kites designed for pure high performance in your favorite discipline. The Pro-Series allows for first-class performance and best results in competition. Completing the line-up, ensuring the fun doesn't stop just because the breeze is soft, there are also three light-weight light-wind models to choose from, depending on your riding preference.


Witness next-level innovation, functional design, and clean esthetic in the ultra-light Sensor 3. A legendary control system with groundbreaking features and an unmatched barfeeling since more than a decade. 


Suiting any riding style, find three very different CARTON carbon twin-tips in the CORE range. There's a quiver of surfboards in the line-up for dedicated wave addicts and strapless enthusiasts, while those who demand the utmost in refinement can take a look at our CARVED masterpieces.


Yes, it’s really that easy to silently glide around in virtually no wind. The freedom is indescribable, touring your lagoon or coast with no regard to wind direction with our specific CORE foil range.