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Front Wings: 700 - 850 - 1050 cm²    |    Stabilizer: 220 cm²    |    Mast: 74 - 82 - 90 cm    |    Fuselage: 70 cm

CORE Vert Wing Foil Carbon Mast
CORE Vert Wing Foil Carbon Mast


The new carbon mast forms the heart of the Vert foil system. Since maximum rigidity, endless glide and lowest resistances are elemental, the mast has been perfectly balanced to these properties. The carbon construction not only made the reduction of the width of the profile possible, but it also achieved a shallower depth towards the fuselage. And that's not all – our innovative sandwich construction, reinforced with a PMMI foam stringer, takes rigidity to a whole new level, giving you unmatched performance and confidence on the water.

No compromises were made with the mast base either, it is connected directly to the mast and is created in one piece. This ensures immediate seamless transitions, direct power transmission and the lowest possible weight.  


Sizes: 74 - 82 - 90 cm

CORE Vert Wing Foil Mast Carbon Detail
CORE Vert Wing Foil Mast Carbon Detail
CORE Vert Wing Foil Carbon Frontwing

Front Wings
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CORE Vert Stabilizer


The stabilizer is crucial for the performance of the entire system. The profile, which has also been reduced, allows the three front wings to exploit their maximum speed potential and simultaneously ensuring playful agility with its 220 sqcm.
CORE Vert Wing Foil Carbon Stabilizer
CORE Vert Wing Foil Carbon Stabilizer


All front wings and the stabilizer are made of a multi-layer carbon laminate, which is not only shockingly light, but also extremely resistant. To ensure the necessary rigidity for the particularly low profiles in foils and masts, additional stringers were installed in the PMMI core. This absorbs the shear forces occurring during bending and allows a smaller amount of resin and carbon. 

Fuselage - CORE Wing Foil Set -  Spectrum + Vert


CORE Vert Carbon Wing Foil + Roamer S Board + Halo Pro Wing

Our CNC’d fuselage features well-rounded edges to improve water flow over the wing and stabilizer. We’ve maximized the geometric wing connection surface area to reduce twist, improve stiffness, performance and water flow while the area between the wing and mast is optimized to keep torsion movement to a minimum.

The fuselage behind the mast also features a top concave to improve water release. Wing angles are also finely tuned to be streamlined with the fuselage in nominal cruising speeds for extra glide through your turns and maneuvers.

The Spectrum and Vert foil system is based on the same fuselage. That leads to a full technical compatibility between all masts, frontwings and stabilizers.


CORE Wing Foil Bag

Foil Bag 110 | 125

Padded bag for protection and transport of a complete, disassembled wing hydrofoil

CORE Vert Wing Foil Cover Set

Foil Cover Set

Padded bags for protection and transport of each individual wing hydrofoil component 

CORE Vert Foil Wingsuit

Foil Wingsuit 100

Protect your fully assembled foil until you're ready to go. Our Wingsuit 100 provides excellent protection to the front wing, stabilizer, and fuselage even when it's connected to the mast.


Sizes and Prices

VERT Set**2700 EUR
Wing VERT 700 cm²699 EUR
Wing VERT 850 cm²699 EUR
Wing VERT 1050 cm²699 EUR
Stabilizer (Rear Wing) VERT289 EUR
Fuselage SPECTRUM309 EUR
Mast VERT 74 cm1379 EUR
Mast VERT 82 cm1379 EUR
Mast VERT 90 cm1379 EUR
Mastbase Slot Nut + Screw Set26,90 EUR
*suggested retail price. Pricing may vary.
**inclusive mast, frontwing, stabilizer, fuselage, mastbase and all screws + required tools (anti corrosion paste and screwdriver)


The Vert set comes with all neccessary pieces (mast, frontwing, stabilizer, fuselage, mastbase and all screws), as well as the required tools (anti-corrosion paste and screwdriver). It can be mounted to any 90mm US-box track system.

Now available at your local CORE retailer.


CORE foils are built to last. Our legendary durability is backed by a six-year parts availability guarantee. We will stock all replacement parts for a minimum of six years.


The mast base is compatible with any 90mm US BOX Track System.

CORE Vert Carbon Foil
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