CORE and WOO find the next
big air superstars.

For many of us, the jump was the first kiteboarding trick we learned. It’s hard to forget that feeling of flying high above the water.
CORE Kiteboarding and WOO Sports teamed up to capture these moments with the XR5 Big Air Challenge,
a global contest open to kiteboarders of all abilities.
Over 600 kiters signed up for the first XR5 Challenge to see who can go really, really big.

And the best part?
Five talented kiters flew to Cape Town on us to battle our very own Joshua Emanuel
with brand new XR5s for the XR5 Big Air Challenge trophy.
Sound fun? Well, it was!

CORE xt5challenge CPT 2018


After four months of fierce competition, stage one of the XR5 Challenge wrapped up, and five contest winners punched their ticket to Cape Town from the Netherlands, United States, and Taiwan! In January 2018, the crew rigged up their XR5s on Blouberg beach and attempted to dethrone world champ, Josh Emanuel. And they almost did! Josh squeaked out a win with 10cm to spare. Ben Van Der Burg ended up jumping 99.6% of Josh’s 24.3m! So Ben, how difficult is jumping an extra 11cm? Inquiring minds want to know!

CORE xt5challenge CPT 2018

Watch the wrap up

Stage one Winners

Winners were selected from WOO users who registered in the contest.
From the get-go, impressive scores came in from Germany, Netherlands, the Canary Islands, USA, Canada, and Brazil.
The largest contingent of boosters hailed from the Netherlands.
It appears mother nature blesses the Netherlands with serious winds and talented athletes
as this small nation topped most of the categories.

CORE xr5challenge stage one winners

Stage two Winners

Stage two winners were selected from the monthly Stage One winners (above) and were flown to Cape Town to battle Joshua Emanuel for the XR5 Challenge trophy.

xr5challenge CPT 2018 stage two winners

Biggest Booster (F):  Karen Hou, Taiwan
Biggest Booster (M):  Ben van der Burg, NL
Biggest Mth/ Boosting:  Peter Nieuwenhuizen, USA
Wildcard:  Maarten Haeger, NL
Wildcard:  Erik Blokker, NL


The competitors spent their first few days practicing in 30+knot days. Josh then set a date for the jump-off, and the “Cape Doctor” came through with 40-knot winds. Six to nine meter XR5s hit the water and Karen scored a female world record height of 20.5m. Yes, 20.5m!

The competition was fierce. And everyone quickly realized that they would be busting some personal records on their new XR5s which we were happy to see. Ultimately, no one could dethrone the big-air-boss, and the final results were:

1st Place: Joshua Emanuel with 24.3m
2nd Place: Ben Van Der Burg with 24.2m
3rd Place: Erik Blokker with 23.6m


The XR5 Challengers left Cape Town with big smiles and everlasting memories.
We hope everyone who competed in the XR5 Challenge had as much fun as we did.
Thank you all for participating!

To all of you wondering whether the XR challenge will be back,
you’ll just have to wait and see ;)

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  2. International pro team riders from all kite brands are excluded from participating. That includes all participants of the Red Bull King of the Air and Megaloop Challenge.
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  1. Every month from August 1 to November 30, 2017, the following categories will be used to select monthly and grand prize winners: 
    Male Biggest Boost - for the highest male jump in that month. 
    Female Biggest Boost -  for the highest female jump in that month. 
    Cumulative Height - for the male or female with the highest cumulative jump height during that month.
  2. On Nov 30, 2017, 12 monthly winners (3 categories above x 4 months) will qualify for the grand prize trips to Cape Town. A grand prize to Cape Town will be awarded to the 2 of the twelve qualifiers with the highest male and female biggest boost. The third grand prize will be awarded to the male or female with the highest average single month of boosting from the 4 Cumulative Height qualifiers.
  3. One additional grand prize winner will be selected from participants who posted photos and/or content on their social media channels with the hashtag #xr5challenge.
    WOO Sports Inc. and CORE Kiteboarding will select 10 photos and/or content for the community to vote on. The highest vote wins the grand prize.

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  6. There are no cash prizes. Prizes are not transferable.
  7. One prize per participant per month. Participants must choose one category if they are on top of two categories. CORE Kiteboarding will arbitrarily select one if the participant does not. One grand prize per participant. Participants must choose one category if they are on top of two categories. CORE Kiteboarding will arbitrarily select one if the participant does not.


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